Air Freshener

KLEEN ambiente 40 is s an air freshener to remove unpleasant odours on textiles, curtains and carpets. It leaves a decent fresh scent and eliminates cigarette smoke, moist, urine and similar odours. KLEEN ambiente 40 is ideal for sterilizing hotel rooms that can’t be aerated properly.

  • Friendly and pleasant room atmosphere
  • Eliminates all disruptive odours and improves the surrounding air
  • Suitable for all different sorts of textiles
  • Soothing and likeable long-lasting effect
  • Suitable for sanitary area
  • Eliminates cigarette smoke
  • Perfect for the use in air-conditioned rooms


Recommended application concentration: 2 – 6 %

SKU : 372 141 KA40

AED 450


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Brand: Kleen Ambiente
Packing: 5L

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